DISCUSSION: Decarcerating Care - The Evolution of Mental Health Surveillance

panel discussion video Oct 17, 2022

On Monday, October 17th, 2022, IDHA hosted a community discussion that examined how systems of surveillance intersect with mental health and disability by reviewing historical examples and exposing present-day iterations.

IDHA ORGANIZERS VISUAL DESCRIPTION: Selima Jumarali (Moderator): I'm a brown-skinned, Indo-Guyanese femme person with round cheeks and black curly hair. I"m wearing an emerald green top with gold earrings, red lipstick, and behind me is a gray wall. Jessie Roth (IDHA Director): I am a white woman with dark brown hair and glasses. I have a big bun, dark headphones, and I'm wearing a black shirt. There are houseplants behind me, and a little light coming in through my window.


  • Idil Abdillahi: I am a Black woman with a bald head. I am wearing pretty dope square black glasses. I'm wearing a headset, so I have earphones on and small silver earrings. I have on a taupe lipstick from MAC and I'm wearing a black hoodie. I have a gold necklace on, the pendant isn't visible but it says my name, I-D-I-L.. I have a blurred background and I'm sitting on a black chair.
  • Azza Altiraifi: I am a Black, femme-presenting person wearing glasses, gold earrings and a necklace, a forest green cardigan, and a pink floral print headscarf. Visible behind me are various framed art prints and my bookshelf.
  • Yana Calou: I am an olive-skinned, genderqueer person wearing a nose ring and a black bowler hat over dark brown curly hair that is short in the front, long behind. I"m wearing a mustard-y shirt and sitting in front of a bright yellow door and a gray wall.
  • Talila "TL" Lewis: Black, 30-something genderfluid person, pretty gender-neutral presenting today, with a high-neck black sweater, a black beanie, seafoam green colored shirt. Seated on a gray couch in front of a white wall.
  • Shawna Murray-Browne: I'm a Black woman with brown skin, twisted hair coming down to my right side with a tan T-shirt. I'm wearing blue rectangular-esque frames, and red lipstick. There is a white curtain in the background with a peek of a yellow wall, my favorite color.

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