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 Who are we? 

Kindred Wellness is a healing-oriented, change management consultancy. We co-create affirming environments for Black, Brown, and Indigenous leaders through teaching mind-body healing and liberation-focused strategy. We serve organizations in actualizing their vision for radical social change in their company culture to better serve Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

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Elevate Your Strategic Plan with Our Holistic Approach

Having navigated the strategic planning process, gathered invaluable insights from stakeholders, and invested in staff training on DEIJ concepts, you've laid the groundwork.

Now, it's time to turn intention into meaningful impact.

Our collaborative approach partners with distinguished organizations, passionate about lasting social change to foster a healing-oriented, liberation-focused culture within your organization.

We go beyond checking boxes; we meet you where you are and provide expert guidance through concrete next steps, ensuring your strategic plan becomes a catalyst for real change.

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