INTERVIEW: Decolonizing Mental Health - The Healing Power of Community

interview video May 12, 2022

In recent years, the therapy world has undergone a shift in how they think about meeting the needs of communities of color: more practitioners are more eager to do the work of decolonizing mental health for Black clients; and provide treatment that truly heals them.

But what does it mean to provide healing work in the face of systemic oppression? Is it possible to address the challenges of Black clients if we remain solely in the dyadic space of our offices? And are we finally ready to address the history of systemic oppression that’s even at times been maintained by our profession?

Join Shawna Murray-Browne in conversation with Psychotherapy Networker writer Lauren Dockett for a discussion of the decolonization of mental health, ways to bridge racial barriers in and outside of the therapy room, and the work every therapist must do to better serve their Black clients.


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