Kindred Community Healing is the non-profit arm of Kindred Wellness LLC and is fiscally sponsored by Strong City Baltimore.

Mama Maya Angelou once said, “…Love Liberates…” and in remaining true to our understanding of what Liberation truly is, we are committed to cultivating village and remaining authentic in our works. Kindred Community Healing is a culmination of the guidance our founder, Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C received at the feet of elders in her healing journey, beginning in the City of Baltimore and expanding to some of the richest corners of the world.

The messages have been clear; Be grateful. Listen to Your Ancestors. Sankofa. Change the World.

Kindred Community Healing comprises three community initiatives: Healing BMore Activists, Sista SoulQuest and The #HealASista Project.

Through the Kindred Wellness Framework we remain committed to “showing you how to heal you.” Our Community works are…

  • Heart-Centered
  • Trauma responsive
  • Celebratory of the African Diaspora
  • Accountable to Community
  • Mind-Body Medicine Infused
  • Healing Justice oriented & Liberation-focused
  • Research-Based

We understand that we have the ability to impact seven generations forward and seven generations back. As a result, we have committed to contributing to the healing of our community by serving women, girls and change-makers of color from the Baltimore grassroots.

Healing Bmore Activists

Activists, advocates, and changemakers are the heart of social change in the City of Baltimore. They are visionary, scholarly, fearless and interface with many consequences as a result of their drive for social justice. People of color who commit their lives to the wellbeing of their community are not only susceptible to the usual side effects of vicarious trauma, but also tend to experience personal hardship exacerbated by their own racial trauma.

The mental health stigma in communities of color make ensuring our leaders get the support they need all the more challenging. After working with an impassioned group of activists in following the tragic loss of a fellow changemaker to Baltimore gun violence in 2016, two things became clearer:

  1. We need to offer monthly, culturally-relevant, liberation focused healing spaces in community, free of charge.
  2. The City’s changemakers want mental health providers that they know care deeply and have done the work to “get it.” They want to know that they will be in safer space and that the person on the other side of them has the capacity to explore tough topics like racism, equity, and bias; they want to know they can bring their whole selves to be healed.

Healing Bmore Activists seeks to meet these needs. In October 2017, Baltimore Corp Elevation award and founded by liberation-focused psychotherapist, mind-body medicine practitioner and QiGong instructor, Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C.

The Healing BMore Activists Initiative is two-fold:

  • Healing Justice Spaces for Changemakers of Color that teach mind-body skills, cultivate community and encourage mental wellness. Interested in attending the next series? Get on the list!
  • Training for Trailblazing Mental Health Practitioners in the Baltimore Metro Area everything from anti-racist practice, liberation-focused methods, ways to meet the needs of our community activists and address race-based trauma. All practitioners that complete this training are featured in a growing Directory to make gaining access to Therapy that Liberates, easier.

We need your help to sustain this initiative! So far, two healing spaces are booked to capacity — with a waiting list — and more than fifty therapists are awaiting details for our training intensive.

Fiscally sponsored by
Strong City Baltimore.

Sista SoulQuest

Sista SoulQuest provides safe space for discussion and activities for Black girls’ self-exploration and budding sistahood relationships. Circles are created to empower girls of color as young as 9 and as mature as 18, and may include up to 10 girls at a time.

The program addresses each girl’s developmental stage, from their experiences in puberty and self-care, to the exploration of their identity and their relationship/responsibility to the community. In an effort to expose girls to leadership and entrepreneurship roles, businesswomen of color are invited to co-facilitate circles.

Activities include (but are not limited to): meditation, team building, visualization, art, and journaling, storytelling, creating music, challenging media, gardening and dance. Community trips and initiatives may be coordinated and executed with the leadership of the Sistas and guidance of parents as well as the facilitator. All topics are addressed honoring experiences in Blackness. Involvement of parents/guardians in the Parent Council is required.

Circles are established in through the leadership of parents who are passionate about cultivating a village and investing in the spirit of their daughters.

Activities and topics are arranged seasonally. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Holistic Health/Wellness
  • Exploring Self: Purpose, Intuition, & Goals
  • The Feminine Body: Beauty and Self Care
  • Connecting to the Earth
  • Sexuality, Self Love & Spirituality
  • Holistic Health, Diet and Natural Remedies
  • Mental Wellness: Meditation, Stress Management
Personal and Community Relationships
  • Healthy Relationships: Friendship, Sisterhood & Love
  • Communication Skills: Speaking, Listening, & Conflict Resolution
  • Etiquette: Cultural, Business, & Social Media
  • Leadership in Life and Community
  • Survival Preparedness/ Self Defense
  • Self Identity: Lineage & History
  • Critical Thinking: Debate, Music, Media & Policy
  • Leadership: College Readiness, Community Initiative
  • Entrepreneurship: Money/Asset Management, Purpose, Business Planning

Radio Recording of Mamas First Hand Experience with The Usisi Circle

The #HealASista Project

The #HealASista Project is an initiative of Kindred Community Healing that empowers women of color to renew their lives through movement, meditation and sista circles, releasing stress and building sistahood.

Facilitated by Billie Shabazz, LGSW, we hold seasonal Mini-Retreats and Mindful Sista Circles to honor Black culture, teach methods for self healing and navigate Modern Black womanhood.

From sacred healing spaces of authenticity and nurturing (on pillows, petals, and smell goods), to questions posed and answered about healing our deepest selves, all the way to the finely curated library of resources for healing, we encourage sistas in the community to do the work!