Cultural competency is not enough.

Trauma-informed care alone, won’t work.
Becoming anti-racist and/or anti-oppressive is a big step in the right direction, but we still fall short. 
If we are serious about true social change, we must commit to decolonization and focus on liberation. To liberate means to break free from oppression. Freedom is individual, but liberation is collective.



 Change Management Consulting

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to guiding organizations through processes to sustain an anti-oppressive, healing-oriented organization. Our team listens intently to your organizational vision, where the greatest challenges have been shown, and curates a customized solution.

We must remember that organizations are made up of people. People of all walks have different needs to be supported in shifting their mindset and practices while expanding their knowledge. Here are 5 methods aligned with our Liberation-focused healing framework that have fostered sustainable shift.

  • Executive Coaching &  Accompaniment
  • Mind-Body Healing Support
    • Mind-Body Skills Groups
    • Return to Presence Virtual Healing Studio & Workbook (License)
  • Workshops
    • Liberatory Frameworks 
      • Leadership
      • Mental/Health Practice
      • Theory/Research
      • Program Development
      • Community Engagement
  • Comprehensive Training at our School for Liberation-Focused Healing (See Below)
  • Curriculum Licensing, Research Advisement & Development 
    • Healing Superwoman for Black Women Leaders
    • Sista SoulQuest for Black Girls and their families
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School for Liberation-Focused Healing

For Mental Health Practitioners

A comprehensive program designed to deepen mental health and wellness practitioners' understanding of what it means to move from a theoretic understanding of decolonizing mental health care, to the reality of putting our Liberation-Focused Healing framework into practice.

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For Organizational Leaders

This holistic learning journey is designed for organizational leaders and focuses on dissecting oppressive status-quo leadership practice, exploring liberation-focused healing strategy and becoming the trailblazing leader we need in across sectors.

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Dr. Shawna is enthusiastic, thought-provoking, and down-to-earth. She listens intently to your organizational vision and tailors a powerful experience. When Dr. Shawna keynotes your event, your audience will be sure to leave with concrete tools to improve their entire life, personal and professional.


You want Dr. Shawna on your stage to...
  • Inspire visioning of a world beyond cultural competence and inclusivity, to cultivating anti-colonial awareness and commitment to equity
  • Guide participants to presence, honoring our collective existence and the wisdom in the now
  • Model authenticity and vulnerability as a tool for conscious connection
  • Offer actionable steps to get you and your audience to transform


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